Let’s Talk Social Anxiety

Interview with Sadie Hall about social anxiety

Originally posted on W. Wang's World Commentary:
Sadie Hall (NOTE: This is a continuation from my post yesterday about social anxiety. Read my commentary here: wworldcommentary.wordpress.com/2020/03/08/in-my-own-words-social-anxiety/) This is an interview with Sadie Hall, which is her FIRST INTERVIEW EVER (yes, I’m serious about this). She’s a 34-year-old married mom of two living in Canada. Freelancing…

It’s Okay If You’re Not Okay

I don’t discuss my depressive symptoms much, partly because they are less frequent, and partly because I haven’t had much specific treatment for them, which means I feel much less able to share tips and advice. And I also lack the vocabulary to express my symptoms clearly. … Continue reading →

Bloodthirsty Jaws of Inescapable Death (aka “Cognitive Distortions” if you don’t share my flair for the melodramatic)

There are plenty of Very Authoritative Articles providing clinical descriptions of cognitive distortions, and they are of course extremely valuable. But given that Very Authoritative Articles are generally not my jam (I prefer honey anyway) (with butter) (it’s heresy to have honey without butter), I decided to explain the distortions from the perspective of a person who often experiences them. … Continue reading →