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New Post Up On My New Site!

I don’t know who is getting notified of what, or where, or what planet things are happening on anymore, so here is the link to my first post on the new site, in case you are interested! Welcome To My New Site

Another Update After All

The process of transferring from this domain to is proving tricky. I know how to “do” the things, although the export/import part is causing problems. But I’m not sure what to do on the new site: Update all my old posts so that they “fit” the new site? Trash them and start from scratch?… Continue reading →

Update: Last post on this domain!

Hey guys! I’ve decided to stop trying to make the new site perfect before setting up the redirect. Because I’m driving myself crazy. And having to log into two different WordPress accounts is a surprising pain. (If you’re a person who tends to make mountains out of molehills, which I am.) So I will be… Continue reading →

Blast From The Past: I Used To Blog About Freelance Translation and Editing

Originally posted on Cibliste:
I’m a little ashamed to admit that I have been unfairly interpreting my cat’s refusal to spend time with me as targeted rejection on a very personal level. He’s a recent rescue cat, you see, and very timid. He spends most of his day behind the washer, and hisses when he’s afraid…


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