Social Anxiety in the Time of Coronavirus

I feel like so much has been written about the situation already that I don't necessarily want to add to the storm cloud, but at the same time, I feel like I can't not mention something that is having such a significant impact globally and in our micro-level day to day lives. So what I will write from the perspective of someone with anxiety who is also a nerd about learning about anxiety.

Interview with Sadie Hall about social anxiety

Thank you so much for your thoughtful questions, and for giving me a chance to talk about my blog in a new way! 🙂

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SadieSadie Hall

(NOTE: This is a continuation from my post yesterday about social anxiety. Read my commentary here:

This is an interview with Sadie Hall, which is her FIRST INTERVIEW EVER (yes, I’m serious about this). She’s a 34-year-old married mom of two living in Canada. Freelancing as a translator and editor, she blogs (wish her anxious little heart out) over at Blushy Ginger ( And she identifies herself as having social anxiety. Here below is my interview with her:

W.: In your profile, you consider yourself as “crippling shy” and your dream is to become “functionally shy.” Why do you want to be this way?

Sadie Hall: I recognized that shyness itself was probably never going away (nor does it need to go away, I would later realize), but that I needed to find a way to be my shy self without being held back by it…

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