Shorts, My Old Nemesis: We Meet Again (with My Read-Aloud!)

There’s a video at the end of me reading this post out loud! I thought it would be a fun new challenge for me. (It was!)

I love summer.

I hate shorts.

There is not a single style of shorts that I feel comfortable in. (Which is maybe not surprising, considering there is all of ONE style of pants I feel comfortable in, plus one style of workout legging.)

But shorts.

Shorts are ACTIVELY unpleasant.

And then you have tank tops. And t-shirts. And bathing suits.

And I’m all for body positivity, body neutrality, body acceptance, and generally tearing down the whole diet culture institution.

But my own body image issues are not as progressive or empowered when it comes to MY body.

Long story short, I’m really happy that the weather is turning warmer, but I’m also dealing with a major flare-up of body anxiety.

That inner voice, somewhat subdued during the winter, is trying to tempt me back to the restrictive and obsessive tactics of summers past.

And I’m not going to succumb.

Because I know acceptance and confidence will not be found down that well-worn path.

But the alternative path is unfamiliar, and I’m not really sure how to make progress in that direction.

And that is why I am directing all my anxiety and frustration at shorts.

All shorts.

(I was tempted to end with, “DOWN WITH SHORTS!” but then I realized that pulling down shorts would leave me in my undies, and I’m not much more fond of how I look in those. So the shorts remain up and on, but only because of what they conceal.)

P.S. Capris, you’re just almost as bad.

I did a reading of the post!

I did a reading of the post!

26 thoughts on “Shorts, My Old Nemesis: We Meet Again (with My Read-Aloud!)

  1. We also detest wearing shorts of all kinds. We wear them when we go on hiking trips and maybe the one time per year we “exercise” outdoors if it’s really hot

    We avoid swimwear equally by avoiding swimming

    For us, there is a lot of shame about having a body associated with a particular gender. We feel like legs exposed to the general public are too revealing of ourselves. We probably wore shorts to therapy once ever. Ugh. Never again

    We are less self-conscious around Spouse 🥰

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      1. We favor long-sleeves shirts and blue jeans 365 days per year for out of the house. We actually feel comfy in undies 🤔. In fact, we saw a bird in the backyard a day or two ago and rushed to the door to go outside. Fortunately, someone inside realized we were wearing only undies and stopped us. Our family was very amused. We were able to laugh a little. It’s also a little unnerving 🤭🙄😬

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