Weekly Update 12: Ten Things That Sum Up My Week

Welp, it’s week 9 of lockdown and I used my bikini trimmer to tame my 5-year-old’s mullet.

(Jesse is ENTIRELY TOO JUDGMENTAL of this decision.)

Here’s this week’s installment in my Weekly Update series!

#1: This week’s post

THREE posts went out this week!!!

#2: I need splash pants

We splashed in the rain, and the kids had fun, and I found myself wishing I had splash pants so I could join them.

#3: I’m Blue (da ba dee da ba die)

It has taken approximately 7,000 applications to achieve this greenish-blue hue, and it will wash out when I stop using the blue shampoo, but for now, I’m really enjoying the look:

Okay, green/grey/blue, but still. Yay fun!

#4: A Novel Companion

After coveting my friend Pascale’s A Novel Companion (book lover’s guide/tracker) for ages, I was finally in time to order one when they restocked a few weeks ago.

And it arrived on Friday!!!

#5: Big dreams

I want to write a memoir someday.

I want to show that social anxiety doesn’t have to hold you back — by learning to walk the walk myself.

I want to learn to speak even when my voice is shaking, so that I can inspire others to do the same.

I want to eat a taco.

#6: Big Discovery

#7: Old photo

I came across an old photo of myself as a young teen in Wakefield (QC), lying across the train tracks on “the green bridge.” I actually remember this day.

(The steam train schedule was highly predictable.)

I also remember looking at this photo back then, and thinking I needed to lose weight. What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and release myself from all my body consciousness.

#8: Old journal

I also unearthed an old journal written during my previous relationship (we were engaged by the end of it).

It was not a healthy relationship, but we didn’t know that, at the time.

The journal notes are filled with my desperation to “deserve” my then-partner. I didn’t see any instances of me wondering if he “deserved” me.

It’s good to see how far I’ve come… but painful to look back.

#9: Mama had a baby and her head popped off

Do you ever do the thing where you decapitate a dandelion while chanting “Mama had a baby and her head popped off”?

I realize that this probably sounds barbaric if you didn’t grow up doing it.

Anyway I taught that to my kids this week and it was excellent.

#10: Anxious mommy is anxious

I documented my mommy anxiety over my kids climbing DANGEROUS ROCKY CLIFFS OF IMMINENT DOOM AND DESTRUCTION with their DAREDEVIL father.

And I also documented part 2 of this mommy anxiety when we returned without Daddy but while there were ALMOST CERTAINLY LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS present.

(Please pardon my newbie video editing skillz.)

French Lessons:

The kids now automatically say “Excusez-moi” every time they toot, which is a lot, so teaching them French is obviously going well.

That’s been my week!

How was yours?

What did you get up to?

19 thoughts on “Weekly Update 12: Ten Things That Sum Up My Week

  1. The novel companion looks super interesting – how exactly does it work?

    I’m one of those who’s never heard the ‘mama had a baby and her head popped off’ rhyme… it does sound pretty odd to someone who hasn’t grown up with it!! The only slightly similar rhyme I can think of (don’t know if this is a purely British thing or not) is where you bounce the child on your knees and sing:
    “I went to the barber’s shop, to have my hair cut off,
    And when I got there I sat in the chair… and the chair went PLOP!”
    Then at the end, you part your legs and they fall onto the floor.

    I find looking over my past journals fairly therapeutic but also a little scary, as sometimes there’s entries where I can see how much I was struggling with mentally at the time. As someone with an extremely rare pituitary condition, I’ve always fancied writing something autobiographical about the experiences I’ve been through, though I do plan on trying to write something on my blog about it first (someday). My only problem is that I feel like I get too over-emotional when thinking deeply about my experiences!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That rhyme sounds like something my kids would love! It reminds me of “Ladies go to market,” imported to us from my husband’s dad (he’s from Liverpool).

      The Novel Companion has tons of pages. Book reviews, TBR, favourite quotes, bookish colouring pages, calendar pages, wrap-ups, bookish hauls, wishlist… it’s so cool!

      And I would definitely be interested in reading about your experiences! I don’t know anything about pituitary conditions (I guess that means I’m really lucky and should be grateful), but I imagine that the combination of a rare condition plus mental health struggles would be HARD. And hard to write about. xoxo


  2. The lion and the tiger aren’t there unless they run away from the zoo. A moose on the loose is what you’ve really gotta look out for.

    I’m impressed with how fabulous your hair is. Mine is currently a frizzy disaster and I don’t care enough to take any steps at all to tame it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moose! Yes! Moose. Canada goose. Both fearsome predators.

      Actually those geese CAN be total dicks.

      And thanks 😊 I don’t wake up looking like that. It requires a good flat iron and carefully selected natural lighting. BUT the colour is tons of fun!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m terrified right now because it’s supposed to start raining overnight and into Sunday and Monday. It looked like the rainy season was over by the end of April, but it rained a little bit a few days ago, and it’s supposed to rain more now.
    I’ve had two bad experiences over the last few years with water getting into the house and getting ripped off with some of the associated repairs. I was just up there less than a week ago making sure that nothing appears to be blocking any areas where things will be draining that have caused problems before. But that isn’t enough to make me feel better. How do I know it’ll work? What if there is something wrong that I don’t know about? What if all those weird sounds I hear during the day are more cracks in the roof opening up, or worse? Dealing with everything I’ve dealt with the last few years really has traumatized me for life.

    And this is also why I’m taking it so hard that everything is shut down in the world. I didn’t get to relax and have fun during the summer of 2019, because so much of it was spent getting stuff done on the house, and then arguing over it being done improperly and finally undoing what I spent $2600 on because I could see that it was done wrong and would possibly cause more problems in the long run (long story, please don’t make me relive it right now, maybe another time). I was looking forward to everything fun I had planned this spring and summer… and then the government lockdowns stole all of that from me too. And my job is going to look very different over the next year or so, which will add an entirely new level of stress. I’m falling apart.

    I shouldn’t have said all that when you asked how your readers were doing, but I think you of all my friends would probably understand more than most.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for the touching comment you said at the end about me understanding xo

      I was just talking to one of my friends the other day about how she and I really do mean it when we ask “how are you?” We don’t just hope the other person will say “good, you?” and move on (unless that’s how they feel).

      Anyway never worry about saying how you *actually* feel if I ask πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      I haven’t had experience with major rainfall concerns here (thank goodness), but I DO relate to the series of “what ifs” and anxiety spirals that can come from an uncertain situation. I super don’t envy you for this 😦

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      1. Normally here it rains occasionally off and on from around November through April, but it varies widely how wet the winter is overall. An occasional late storm in May or early storm in October is somewhat common, and there will occasionally be one weird day of rain in August or September, so this week’s weather is not exactly unheard of. This year was a drier than average winter, which creates its own problems related to water conservation and such, but it’s nice from the anxiety perspective. Last year I think was slightly wetter than average. No more water got into my house after I got my roof fixed in March 2019, which made me feel better, but then in July 2019 I got gutter protection put on the house by some incompetent shysters that made things potentially worse and broke other parts of the roof in the process (that’s what I mentioned spending a lot of money on that didn’t work), which is why now I never know what to expect. As far as I can tell, though, there is no clear evidence of any water getting into the house after early 2019, and the three small water stains still on the ceiling were from before those repairs were made.

        I don’t remember how much I’ve told you, but I went to a church in 2003-04 that had a lot of problems, where I was accused of things that were really rumors and half-truths blown out of proportion. Someone there actually told me once that one of the reasons people don’t like me and I make them uncomfortable is because when someone asks you “how are you,” they just want me to smile and nod and say fine, they don’t really care how you are. Now I could see her point in that the cashier at the grocery store probably doesn’t want to hear about all my problems, but if a so-called friend from my church and Bible study feels that way about me, I don’t want to be worshiping and sharing my life with people that shallow. That incident was one of the final straws in leading to me quitting my job, packing up my stuff, and wandering around the country living out of my car for four months, and eventually moving back to the Valley where people are more real and down-to-earth (although a lot of coastal snobs have moved to the Valley recently because it’s cheaper, so that isn’t as true as it used to be).

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  4. I was a rather nervous child, but I still did stuff as a child that I would not want my children to do (if I had children). Where I live, people let their kids play in the street unsupervised, or supervised by an older kid (like a seven year old looking after a toddler) and I think it’s crazy. I’m a bit worried about child abusers, but mostly about cars that won’t see little kids as they go around the curve of the road (we live on a crescent).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I worry about those things too — especially things like cars and bends in the road. Every time we go out.

      I would never let my kids have the free reign outdoors that my parents gave me — but as a kid I ABSOLUTELY ADORED my outdoor freedom to explore. I remember feeling so free and fearless.

      But it’s a gift I don’t think I can give my kids…


  5. We did that dandelion song πŸ₯°πŸ’• we taught our kids so it will perpetuate in our family (whew!).

    Fun hair!!!!

    We had a very emotional talk with Spouse today about parenting strategies, supporting each other, etc. We feel closer. Hope Spouse does, too. We took a long walk in the rain together!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your kids need to have those kinds of “dangerous” experiences, so good for you for allowing it, despite your grave reservations.

    Good thing they didn’t want to lie across the railroad tracks……

    I’m glad you weren’t around to see what I did when I was a kid. Seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

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