Weekly Update 10: Ten Things That Sum Up My Week

I joined Bloglovin’! Apparently I have to post this link at the top of a new post to be able to “claim my blog”: Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Fingers crossed I did that properly.

Here’s this week’s installment in my Weekly Update series!

The reality of trying to take a great selfie with two little ones.

Success! I resorted to making a toot joke right before taking the shot. And I am not sorry.

#1: This week’s post

One post went out this week: How I Deal with Self-Doubt as a Shy Blogger (6 Tips).

#2: Reality vs. social anxiety brain

Jesse and I have been chatting about writing a humourous post together on “What he says to me VS What my socially anxious brain hears.” Things like:

He says:

“Oh, all the spoons are dirty.”

I hear:

“WE NEED TO TALK. You’re really being slobby and it’s inconsiderate of you to dirty spoons and leave them in the sink for a few hours.”

What he actually meant:

“Oh, all the spoons are dirty. I’ll just wash one.”

The truth, of course, is that what I hear comes from MY brain and my inner bully.

We’re still chatting about how to make it funny in the right way.

#3: Video chat

Video chatted with a friend this week! Felt nervous and awkward. Was assured it went just fine. Friend remains friend and wishes to video chat again.


Thank you, friend.

#4: New-New blog look

Designed using Canva!

In other news… ugh, I know I JUST announced a revamped blog look and tagline last week… but I revamped it again.

I went fully hands-on and creative, focusing on what felt most “me when I’m being my real self.”

So that’s why you’ll see a fun new header, logo, and updates throughout.

I even chose little characters for each of my family members (Jesse, James, Olivia, and of course me!). I’m using them on Instagram and also included a photo on my right sidebar here under “Cast of Characters.”

Anyway I love the new look, and I’m still learning how the new theme works. Yay!

#5: Go give Ali some love!

Clickable image!

Another blogger who is in the process of updating her blog is Ali from The Crazy Life.

I don’t think the changes will be live by the time I post this, but she has vulnerable, sweet, and real posts on her blog and I’m sure she would love your support if you don’t follow her already!

She writes about “Momming, anxiety, and life.” So, clearly super relatable for me.

Ali is also on Instagram as @the.crazylife10.

#6: Playlist!

I made a cute-fun playlist on Spotify called “Kid songs that boost my mood.” It’s here if you want to have a listen!

I also could have named it “songs I hear over and over in kids’ movies that we watch 20 times a day (slight exaggeration) but that somehow still manage to validate my existence and make me feel like a better adult.”

But that was a LITTLE too… much.

#7: Check out this memoir!

I’m reading the brand new memoir of a friend I’ve made on Instagram:

Clicking on the cover image will take you to links to buy the Kindle or paperback version of the book!

She wants to “give mental illness a voice.”

Her Instagram handle is @solveitbywalking and she is so insightful and supportive on the platform.

I plan to do an actual post on the book when I’m done, but I’m a very slow reader, so I wanted to share one of my favourite passages so far.

The context is that Lia is discussing the “grand divide” between those who are experiencing mental illness and those who have recovered from it and “no longer have the same level of insight into [their] former condition.”

Perhaps being on the edge, looking over it, and seeing both sides at the same time has put me in a unique position to build a bridge.

Lia Colibri, Solve It By Walking

I just love how Lia articulates this divide.

I wholeheartedly recommend supporting this lovely new mental health memoir writer!!!

#8: V Wars

Image from Wikipedia

I finished V Wars. It is unclear whether there will be a season 2.

I mourn.

But only mild-to-moderate mourning.

Not, like, the level of mourning called for if they cancelled You or The Walking Dead, or when I finished the last episode of the original Veronica Mars.


#9: I don’t even know what to call what happens in this section

I made a kittycorn for Olivia, and it looks HILARIOUS and derpy* but also somehow adorable.**

1. “Make me a cat head, Mommy.”
Here you go!
2. “It needs to be a unicorn.”
Here you go!
3. “It needs a body.”
Here. This is the best I can do, girl.

*I am having socially anxious feelings about using the word derpy. Usually I try to be as inoffensive as possible in EVERYTHING I do, because backlash would liquefy my soul (what, souls can totally liquefy).

And I know that there was a character in My Little Pony that was introduced as Derpy Hooves, but there was backlash, so they changed her name to Muffins (I think? the story there is a bit muddled), and since then I have not been able to say derpy in public or online.

And, yes, I could just delete the word here and go with, “The kittycorn looks HILARIOUS and muffins but also somehow adorable,” but that would require an entirely DIFFERENT lengthy explanation and wouldn’t give me the chance to give you THIS explanation while also facing my (derpy) fear.

(I didn’t use the word derpy much before, to be fair. But now it’s one of those words I CAN’T say, à la Austin Powers being awkward when talking to a mole with a mole.)

**Incidentally, “HILARIOUS and derpy but also somehow adorable” is how I hope to be described after I die.

Yes, I really want this shirt.

#10: Bluuuuue Haiiiiiiir

Clickable image (not an affiliate link — haven’t tried that sort of thing out yet)
  • I ordered a shampoo/conditioner that is supposed to tint my hair blue. I’ve only dyed my hair once before, and that was when my hairdresser added purple streaks.
    • Normally I’d be too self-conscious to dye my hair completely, and I also have a mental block after DECADES of being told not to dye my hair because “people PAY to have ginger hair, you know.” (Said by all humans ever.)
      • So there’s this GUILT whenever I want to dye my hair, where I feel like I’m betraying everyone, especially my redhead-folk, and rejecting my true self simultaneously.
        • Now that I’ve articulated this, I realize it might be SLIGHTLY neurotic.
          • All the more reason to change those beliefs.
            • Plus I’m feeling adventurous and not seeing many people right now, so it’s a nice time to experiment and challenge my anxiety.

I will share photos when it’s done!

(That is why there is a photo of a blue-haired Barbie in the featured image.

Even though I think Barbies are not great for girls’ body image, this particular picture was too funny to pass up.

When else would I get to use a picture of a blue-haired, nude Barbie lying in a shopping cart brandishing a huge fork?)

I mean she’s BRANDISHING A BIG-ASS FORK while sitting naked in a shopping cart. The story you’d have to concoct to make this situation make sense would be AMAZING to hear.

Monday’s upcoming post is called

I Took 4 Online Tests for Social Anxiety: Here Are My Results”

That’s been my week!

How was yours?

What did you get up to?

Featured image is from Canva Pro.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Update 10: Ten Things That Sum Up My Week

  1. I almost always end up with new tabs in my browser once I’m done reading your posts; today it’s the two Instagram handles you mentioned and the trailer for V Wars. Now I have to decide between rewatching Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time and starting a new show. Though no one ever said I couldn’t do both… Thanks for another lovely post! Can’t wait to see your new hair!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sweet girl!!! V Wars was not AMAZING but it was pretty good. The first episode or two are weaker than the rest, in my opinion. It was a fun vampire show! I love vampires and zombies.

      I watched some of GG with my friend Pascale! That’s a super cute show. Not enough zombies but otherwise no complains. 😁


  2. So, Barbie is addicted to barbecuing, as everyone knows. So much so that she covets grill marks. However, she does not relish a ton of pain, such as would arise from grilling her skin or tattooing her skin. She has sensitive skin, too, or she’d just write grill lines on herself. Since people are getting groceries delivered more and using curbside pickup, carts are for sale cheaply direct from the manufacturer. So Barbie bought a shopping cart to hop into it naked and give herself temporary grill marks right before—our while—she is grilling (grilling a whole hippo in this case, hence the giant fork).

    Liked by 1 person

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