Weekly Update 9: F*** You, Chin Whisker

Here’s this week’s installment in my Weekly Update series!


I would like to formally declare my hatred for that ONE CHIN HAIR that just won’t quit.

It’s like a dandelion. Resilient. Persistent. You know it’ll always come back.

A chin dandelion.

But less yellow and pretty.

A chin weed.





Thank you (very belatedly) so much to Christina for nominating this blog for the Mystery Blogger Award and to Caz for nominating the blog for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award! Receiving community support like this is so flattering and encouraging. I will do the award posts over the next couple of weeks!


One post went out this week: 6 Things Parents Probably Won’t Be Worrrying About 20 Years After Quarantine.


My upcoming Monday post is called, “How I Deal With Self-Doubt as a Shy Blogger (6 Tips).” Not mom-related; more focused on mental health and behind-the-scenes of being a blogger with a social anxiety background.


I’m finally having fun on Instagram, now that I’ve decided to focus on posting thoughts and excerpts rather than photo upon photo of my own face. I’ve been sharing silly kid quotes, too!


We made nutshell mice this week, and the kids have been playing with their new little friends.

I feel like this is a point in the “fun mom” column (although I was kind of bossy and cranky during the craft itself…).


James has a bunch of homework for his (kindergarten) class, some involving supplies we don’t have, and I’m just feeling worn out and frustrated by it all. I don’t really feel like he’s getting much out of it.

I let him skip one morning this week, because I just… didn’t have it in me.

Trying to take my own advice and keep it in perspective.

It’s just hard when I worry that the teachers are silently judging me every time we don’t submit a fully fleshed-out drawing or a dissertation on the shapes found in his recycled train creation.


I’ve been staying up way too late watching V Wars.


Jesse did SCIEEENCE with the kids:

Decided to do some science today.

James got a microscope for Christmas (thanks Julie!) and this seemed like a good opportunity to learn about things that are too small for our eyes to see.

So after looking at some stuff around the house, we decided to mount an expedition to find muddy water. Kids each collected a sample (and were very proud of themselves).

Then we looked at it under the microscope to see what little creatures might be in there.

Saw some plant cells, some sand, and some little protozoans (they look like see-through grains of rice) that were swimming around.

Fabulous Blushy Husband, aka Not-That-Kind-of-Doctor Hall

That’s been my week! How was yours? What did you get up to?

17 thoughts on “Weekly Update 9: F*** You, Chin Whisker

  1. My weird hair is growing out of a mole to the right side of my mouth. It’s very long, thick, and dark. At least my moustache is more subtle. I would so not be impressed if I had mole-hair-moustache.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Trust me, kindergarten (or any grade) teachers are not judging you. They are hoping that you aren’t judging them as they try to navigate the whole online teaching. I am SOOOOO happy that i am not trying to think of how to create a creative and meaningful kindergarten curriculum. I have NEVER been so grateful to be retired! The basis of K is play so just play. Document the play or don’t but don’t stress! Miss you all! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mim!!!! I should have thought to reach out to you about my anxiety over this.

      Thank you for that perspective. And I definitely don’t mean to criticize his teachers, because lord knows this must be a nightmare for them to oversee.

      It’s made more challenging by the fact that James is still learning French, so just listening to video classes is really hard for him. He doesn’t understand anything.

      Plus he is camera shy and refuses to have the camera on or the mic open (and he isn’t supposed to speak in English anyway).

      Everyone is trying their best but… 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯


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