Weekly Update 7: 12 Things I’m Grateful for This Week

The world in its current state has been making me very grateful for the things in my life, from the simple-fun to the priceless-meaningful. Here are a few of them. 🙂

1. This painting

My son made me this a few months ago. I framed it and now it sits on the little bookshelf at the end of our bed. He loves that I framed it.

Also in the photo: their handprints on wood, and two trees from Lebanon (gifts from the Lebanese interpreters who assisted Jesse’s group during their deployment).

2. These goodie boxes

My friend has a subscription to Birchbox, and she always saves the cosmetics she doesn’t feel like using for me. Plus the boxes themselves are adorable. Getting to try fun high-end beauty products in sample sizes makes me giddy.

Olivia loves to try out the lip glosses. She calls them “lip stip.” Her favourites are the sparkly ones.

3. This secret rock art garden

We found it near our house in a nature-y path area (which we call The Secret Path even though it’s not hidden).

Every rock we turned over was painted underneath! The kids painted their own rocks to add to the garden.

4. Chocolate

As I write this, the kids are watching Paw Patrol, and I am hiding in my bedroom eating chocolate in blissful solitude. With a side of coffee in a mug my Grandpa gave me.

…it was a Snickers bar. Don’t judge me, Jesse. I can feel you judging me. If you find crumbs in the bed… it was the kids.

5. Our shower

…when I get to use it.

6. Our dishwasher

For years–my whole life really–I thought I was above the need for such a luxury.

Then we got one.

And I am not above it.

Not above it at all.

7. This book

It was tons of fun to read and kept me up past my bedtime.

I have a lot of “book paralysis” so it’s really nice when I can work up to getting lost in a book.

Set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

(I love books and reading… it’s just… I get weirdly perfectionistic/anxious about actually picking a book and then reading it. It would probably take a whole post to explain it.)

8. The soundtrack from the show Trolls: The Beat Goes On

It is ridiculously happy and dance-inducing. My favourite songs are Hair in the Air and The Other Side of the Storm.

9. My son

…who is cuter than he has any right to be.

He’s just getting into Pokemon. 😊

10. My daughter

…who is cuter than she has any right to be.

11. My husband

…who is cuter than he has any right to be.

December 2019. There’s a time when I would not have been able to share this (“my tummy!” “my arms” “whyyyyyyyy”). But those times have been in the rearview mirror for a while. I still have my moments, but I get through them.

12. You guys

…who are obviously also way cuter than you have any right to be. 😇

What are you grateful for this week?

21 thoughts on “Weekly Update 7: 12 Things I’m Grateful for This Week

  1. Kids’ doing art. With purpose. Magic. Beauties, the whole lot of you. We get the book paralysis/anxiety. Plus the grieving of finishing a great one

    We are grateful for birds, spring, that Older Child still loves us, that Younger Child has such high dignity (Younger Child got an adverse physical health diagnosis this week; not life-threatening now and scary and relieving at the same time), that we go to bed first and so are the first one awake for alone time, for our Mallards who returned for spring.

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  2. I’m grateful for: my family, just wish we lived closer..for life in the country..that spring and garden season are coming soon..for love.
    I’m also grateful to you for sharing your thoughts, for computers that allow us to keep connected and I get to see my grandkids!!

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  3. You have such a beautiful family and an awesome outlook! My family is the number one thing I’m grateful for too. I’m also thankful for my home, my pets, and my ability to write! There’s so much more but it would take me all night to list them!

    Thank you for this post and for reminding everyone to count their blessings.

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      1. No need to feel guilty, Sadie. Even with the pandemic, we all get busy with family, jobs (I’m in an essential job: home health) and other obligations. I’m just glad to hear from you.

        I hope you and your family ot doing well! Stay safe and well!

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  4. Super late to the party here, but I wanted to tell you that I 100% feel you on book paralysis. It’s the primary reason why I have The List. I don’t have to decide what’s next; I just read the next thing on the list.

    What used to really get me was movie paralysis. Every time I’d go to the video store, it would take me forever to pick something, because it was like some part of me thought this might be the last movie I ever watched, so I’d better pick a good one.

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    1. You are never late to the party, because the party don’t start til you walk in.

      (Let me have that one, cheese and all. 💙)

      YOU have book and movie paralysis too?! I have it with EVERYTHING. Netflix. YouTube. Books. Painting. Everything.

      I tried a list but I couldn’t decide the perfect order for the items.

      So I also have list paralysis.

      I might be beyond help.


      1. The list goes in the order you think of things to add to it. Give up control entirely so the perfection or imperfection of the order isn’t your problem. It’s the universe’s problem.

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          1. Sure, if I really want to. Unless taking that control would feel too stressful, in which case I would recommend sticking with the order of the universe.

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