Interview: Talking About Social Anxiety on W. Wang’s World Commentary

Thank you so much for your thoughtful questions, and for giving me a chance to talk about my blog in a new way! 🙂

W. Wang's World Commentary

SadieSadie Hall

(NOTE: This is a continuation from my post yesterday about social anxiety. Read my commentary here:

This is an interview with Sadie Hall, which is her FIRST INTERVIEW EVER (yes, I’m serious about this). She’s a 34-year-old married mom of two living in Canada. Freelancing as a translator and editor, she blogs (wish her anxious little heart out) over at Blushy Ginger ( And she identifies herself as having social anxiety. Here below is my interview with her:

W.: In your profile, you consider yourself as “crippling shy” and your dream is to become “functionally shy.” Why do you want to be this way?

Sadie Hall: I recognized that shyness itself was probably never going away (nor does it need to go away, I would later realize), but that I needed to find a way to be my shy self without being held back by it…

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12 thoughts on “Interview: Talking About Social Anxiety on W. Wang’s World Commentary

  1. i so relate to being crippling shy, i’ve always been that way. Its become better through the years and meditation helps a lot. my daughter now has it too, social anxiety and we just had a convo about it . she tells me she has anxiety about everything. its a bit worrisome. I think certain issues are pasted on generationally. Coming from a place of acceptance of self and others also is important. thanks for posting! I really like your blog.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Christina! Sorry for the delay. My own social anxiety has been acting up, so my presence online has been erratic.

      Your daughter is so so lucky to have a mom who understands anxiety and is willing to have that conversation with her. She’s not lucky to have anxiety but she is so lucky to have you.

      What kind of meditation do you do?

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  2. good grief you handled that with aplomb. Bagel sandwich overboard! So cringy for us.

    We felt humiliated today…in front of our therapist. We tried to leave, and T was like, “can i tell you a story” and then we interpreted the story that we were the bad guy and told T this and it maybe has a silver lining in that we didn’t leave as we originally intended. We are strong. We are also feeling shame and humiliation. And now we’re hungry.

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