Weekly Update 6: Word Vomit. Thought Train. Grumpy Pony.

Hello, lovely readers!

This week’s update will be rather short, because it is late and my shoulder is sore and I just ate half an apple so that my medication would not be on an empty stomach but I’m still not feeling so great in my tummy.

Wow. That word vomit just happened.

Here’s how this week went in Red-Cheeked Redheadtown! (That sounds so much like the setting of a very questionable, very niche erotic film. Probably Western.)

  • Jesse and I are going to a full-day workshop tomorrow on mental health crisis intervention. I think it will focus on suicide prevention and response within the context of military families. It’s free to military family members and it seemed like a great opportunity to learn skills for dealing with such an important issue. (I’m nervous about going, but so far it’s mild nerves only.)
  • I’ve been feeling like I don’t have my blogging mojo this week. (I just looked up mojo in the online thesaurus because I don’t feel like using that word. Apparently it is a synonym for cocaine and heroin? I did not know this.)
  • Lost my train of thought there.
  • Okay, got it. Choo Choo.
  • I feel a little disconnected from blogging. It started when I began doing daily videos in my Instagram Stories — it’s been a real confidence-boosting experience, and that’s great. It’s helping me connect with wonderful kindred spirits, and that’s also great.
  • But I feel like I’ve neglected my bloggy blog. I’ve definitely fallen behind on reading and commenting on posts by fellow bloggers that I enjoy. Maybe I’m spreading myself too thin.
  • It’s just that I like all of it. I like blogging. Reading blogs. Chatting with bloggers and readers. Connecting with this very supportive community. And I also like Instagram, and doing little videos, and connecting with that very supportive community too.
  • I feel kind of like I’m cheating on my blog if I post content on Instagram that I don’t incorporate into posts here. (Does that make me a social media non-monogamist? Isn’t variety the spice of [social media] life?)
  • Like, in my Stories on Instagram, I talked about self-care reluctance, perfectionism, and body anxiety/shame.
  • And I shared the story of a cashier who LOUDLY compared my name to her deceased dog and a “saloon whoore” (her words, SO NOT MINE).
  • I didn’t talk about any of that on here.
  • It’s entirely possible that I am overthinking things and need to just go with the flow. (The former is my strong suit; the latter is not.)
  • Maybe you can share how you balance blogging and other platforms? (If you’re a blogger and/or other platformer.)
  • Platformer games are the only video games I like.
  • That was irrelevant.
  • I hope you have a great weekend, and I’m sorry if I’ve been slow with comments and emails! Trying to find a balance. Balance is not my strong suit either.
  • What IS my strong suit? Empathy? Chocolate consumption?
  • Also. Stupid shoulder and neck. Stupid scalp psoriasis creating scalp inferno. Stupid cuticles that demand picking.
  • I don’t know why this is devolving into apparent self-pity. I’m not even that sad right now. Just a little anxious.
  • And maybe a bit grumpy but that’s not your fault.
  • Grumpy pony needs bed.
  • Okay byyyyyyye!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Update 6: Word Vomit. Thought Train. Grumpy Pony.

  1. I only use blogs. I’m only even vaguely aware of what Instagram is. I occasionally try to use Twitter, but (a) it’s full of angry political people and (b) even if I can avoid them, keeping up means I basically have to be glued to my social media all the time. I don’t follow that many blogs, and I find it hard enough to keep up with them. I definitely prefer quality to quantity.

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  2. I haven’t been on my blog’s Instagram much, so I missed a lot of that. Life is really busy right now. I just mis-typed life is really busty… um, oops. Not exactly. That reminds me of the time I accidentally called Buster Posey (the baseball player) Busty Poser, and I blamed it on someone I knew at the time who I used to carpool with to an activity we were both involved in, because she really is a busty poser. Now it’s my turn to lose my train of thought… choo-choo. Anyway, I’m off work for two weeks, but I feel like I have a lot of planning to do before I start writing again, and I have a lot of non-blogging responsibilities to take care of. So I’m not really sure when my next story will come. But I have at least sketched the stories I want to tell for the summer between my first two years at UJ. I’m back home for the summer, so some of my high school friends will reappear in the story; there will be a story about Rachel and another one about Catherine. You will find out more about my cousins Rick and Miranda, whom I have mentioned in passing, because they will come to visit. I will write about my first real job, a celebrity death that affected our whole family, and the most 90s of all sports. Stay tuned!

    And… saloon whore? Wow. Just wow.

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    1. Well that’s a good way of looking at it. It puts the power (and also responsiblity) on my shoulders to figure out what “doing me” means for me. Maybe I’m trying too hard to mind-read what others might want, when really I’m the only one overthinking this lol.

      The seminar was AMAZING. I’m going to draft some posts on it today and tomorrow!

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