Weekly Update 5: Torn Cuticles, Stale Undies, and a Very Excited Cat on a Unicorn

Hello and happy Friday, you pulchritudinous splendids! (No? I dunno. I barely know what that word means. I stumbled on it by looking up synonyms for lovely, I think.)

I can try another:

Happy last day of the work week (for some), you resplendent blogworms!


Hey guys.

Here’s what happened in Blushy Blogtown (not a real place, and if it was, it would alternate between goofy mayhem and eerily quiet synchronized hibernation of all residents) this week:

Blog posts

Two blog posts went up:

why do i only feel pretty when I feel thin
Why Do I Only Feel Pretty When I Feel Thin?
I did a brave (includes video of me!)
I Did a Brave!

I posted video clips of myself talking in the last one. Still processing how meek little me managed to do that. Progress? Temporary loss of inhibition? Was I blog-drunk? MAYBE I’M NOT SO MEEK AFTER ALL?!

Skin picking

I opened up on Instagram about my almost-lifelong habit of skin picking. Specifically cuticle picking. And cuticle biting.

I was honestly taken aback at how many people reached out to say they struggled with the same habit, whether it was cuticle picking or other forms of body focused repetitive behaviours, like hair pulling, scalp picking, or anything involving skin.

(You might want to scroll past the following photo if you don’t want to see ouchy cuticles.)

My ouchy cuticles. That was a few days ago. I treated it with vitamin E and Spiderman bandaids. It got worse before it got better, but I’ve gotten it back under control mostly. Mostly.

Last night’s panties

Always put last night’s panties in the laundry basket.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

I also confessed to being a tepid jumble (fancier than “hot mess” but not in an uppity way) in my home life:

Several people admitted to this as well, some with great hilarity. There was mention of crotch sniff tests.

New book

I bought a Kobo copy of the newest book by Ashley (Mental Health @ Home), which came out this week!!! It’s called Managing the Depression Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together and you can find out more about it here!

Army weekend

My husband, Jesse, will be away this weekend on an army exercise. Army weekends are always a bit rough.

They’re hard on Jesse because he misses time with the kids (he is gone almost 12 hours per day during the week because he has a mad commute to work). And he will get very little sleep during the exercise, so he’ll come home exhausted.

The kids and I will miss having him, and I don’t feel brave enough to take the kids swimming without him, so we’ll miss our weekly pool visit as well. #MomGuilt but also #HaveYouSeenMyKidsinaPoolItsLikeTryingtoHerdGoldfish

Our son James still hasn’t totally forgiven Daddy for disappearing on deployment for 6 months in 2019, so he’s not too pleased about Daddy going away on army weekends.

Well that’s not a very positive note to end on…

Here, have that unicorn-cat-thing again:

Have a great weekend!

I’m just gonna try to stay warm and positive. At least I won’t have to sleep in an Arctic tent all weekend like some husbands I know…love you darling…

Do you have any plans?

18 thoughts on “Weekly Update 5: Torn Cuticles, Stale Undies, and a Very Excited Cat on a Unicorn

  1. Scalp and ear canals obsessions, and we go wild in our sleep! OCD loves sleep because no one prevents compulsions. We even follow some rituals in our dreams! The lack of restoration of nerves and muscles during sleep is a growing concern for us.

    Big plan for the weekend: put new license plates on very old, very dirty car. It would be due today, but leap day means instead of using mental toll in 24 degrees, we can go gloveless in 42 degrees tomorrow! Yay Leap Day!! We’re a little color challenged, so we can’t remember if our car is gray but we think it’s brown or vice versa 👀😂

    Spouse’s oldest friend just moved back to the country after almost 20 years in the Middle East. Friend and kids are visiting Saturday. We will hover nearby. Cutie kids!!!

    Best wishes as you fly solo this weekend 🦢


    1. That’s fascinating (though it probably doesn’t feel so fascinating to experience) about night time rituals/compulsions. Is the lack of restoration causing fatigue?

      I don’t speak Fahrenheit but I’m pretty sure I would prefer 42 degrees over 24 degrees! I hope the plating of your indeterminately coloured car goes smoothlym that’s definitely something I would put off way too long.

      Enjoy the returned friend and cutie kids!!!

      Thanks for the well wishes ☺️☺️

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  2. My plans for this weekend… Well, I don’t like being out in the wild where it’s all too peopley but I happen to work at a busy retail store in a place they call Crime Town and I need to go back to work starting tomorrow. Where there’s people and germs. Lol, I guess I like the adventure haha

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  3. Rex’s mother had beautiful nails but picked her cuticles too apparently. I solved the underwear problem at a young age. When noone was taking note, I took them off, and to this day I only wear a bra or knickers if I think I may disgrace myself in public and I cough or sneeze. I’m 81 and still have good control!! Underwear is overrated. We enjoy your blog!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Very! For me, I’ve long hair which tends to fall out / break from stress. So me running my hands through my hair or pulling my hair doesn’t really help. At my previous job, my hair would shed everywhere on the carpet of my cubicle and the cleaners would be upset, but I couldn’t help it >.<

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