Weekly Update 2: Mama Is a Hyena and Daddy Gets a Commendation

Status Stable

  • I’m feeling a lot better than I was when I wrote my Monday post. Thank you to everyone who checked in! You guys are the word-and-emoji equivalents of the snuggliest of snuggly hugs. 
  • I’m planning to go back over that post and label all the cognitive distortions I can now see in retrospect, then share it with you. Not sure what format will work best but I’ll fiddle around with it.

Mostly-kid wisdom

I know you love me, but I don’t know why you love me.

Olivia (3), trying to start one of life’s deep conversations with me while I’m on the toilet.

Like I always say, socks are the best.

James (almost 5) while getting dressed for school.

Don’t come in, Mommy! I DON’T need you!

Olivia from inside the bathroom, accompanied by the unmistakable sounds of her trying to flush her own (full) potty.

I’m trying to laugh like Batman.

….Me. To Jesse, in bed (but not THAT way), at midnight. *

*I had been pretending to be a hyena matriarch (as one does) while getting ready for bed, and I was using a deep, gruff voice, which made me think of Batman. But then that made me giggle girlishly and unBatmanly, so I tried to giggle gruffly and masked-vigilante-ly, and it sounded like something out of Arkham Asylum. You know… maybe you had to be there.

Toilet or tomatoes?

Speaking of toilets, in case there’s anyone wondering, the lie in my “two truths and a lie” answer (answer #6 of this post) was the one that said I was writing that sentence on the toilet. But I actually am writing THIS sentence on the toilet.

BIG DEAL PROUD (dat’s my husband getting the commendation)

I love the realness of the moment they captured here. James was scared of all the army people and hubbub, so I had to hold him the entire time. Olivia was screaming “UPPY! UPPY!” to Jesse, who was trying to keep his composure while shaking hands with the commander of the entire Canadian army. And I’m just there trying to keep it all together and enjoy the moment.

Honestly, it was amazing. I’m proud of Jesse. And proud of us as a family for getting through his deployment in 2019.

Emotional Support Person

We took the kiddies to the children’s museum afterward. Outings like that are so much less anxiety-inducing when Jesse is there. He is my emotional safety human. Something about having an army sergeant by your side makes the world feel much less scary.

Blog Ness Monster

  • For some unknown reason, my comments were being automatically flagged as spam yesterday and maybe the day before. I contacted Akismet and it should be sorted out for future comments, but the comments that are already in people’s Spam folders will stay there unless manually removed. Boo and poo.
  • Feeling cut-off from chatting with the bloggers I follow was mildly distressing.
  • I’m trying not to take this as a personal rejection by the Spam gods.
  • I’m working on a post on “surprising things that help my anxiety.” One of them involves taking off my glasses. Hopefully I can get it out next week.

In closing

  • You guys rock.
  • Thanks for reading 🙂
  • Happy Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Update 2: Mama Is a Hyena and Daddy Gets a Commendation

  1. Congratulations Jesse! Glad you’re feeling better. And I didn’t see any spam from you, although I did find a legitimate comment from another longtime reader that was flagged as spam. Thanks for the reminder to check. 🙂 I don’t think I posted anything in the few days that that was happening, but I posted twice yesterday :O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you SO much for checking. I don’t track my commenting — I just comment as I go — so I can’t remember where I left comments on specific days. 🙂

      And thanks for the congrats! He was surprised and flattered. The kids were appropriately unimpressed for their age. lol

      Liked by 1 person

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